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Ramesh Bajgain is a travel leader and a tour manager too. As he is a travel agent of Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours (P) Ltd., organizes all the travel and trekking related activities throughout Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

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  • Where were you born? Where do you live today?

I was born in Gorkha district, province no. 4 central Nepal. I now live in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal since 1996.

  • What did you want be as a young boy?

As a young boy, I wanted to be a traveler and wanted to visit to the entire world.

  • Who are there in your family? What do they do?

I have 3 members in my family including my mother, two brothers and myself. My mother does agricultural activities in my own hometown. My younger brother resides in Berlin Germany handling a business, the youngest brother lives in Kathmandu by self and I am involved in the tourism industry since 2004.

My family members where my mother, me two young brothers are together. Here I am standing in a blue shirt, my young brother is beside my mother and me wearing a green T-shirt. My youngest brother is standing wearing a black T-shirt.

  • What was the first trip that remember the most? Where did you visit?

I had trekked in the Everest Base Camp in October 2004 which I remember vividly. I was quite excited to visit the base of the highest peak of the world. As I was quite young, there were some challenges to complete however I enjoyed it a lot. Passing the Sherpa settlements, diverse landscapes, distinct flora and fauna of Sagarmatha National Park gave me an immense pleasure.

  • What was your first plane trip?

I had a trip to Pokhara, the heavenly site and a core touristic city in November 2005 with my guests from the US. We had a short time to explore everything. So, we used aircraft to land Pokhara. That was my first journey in plane which was an exciting experience.

  • What is Trekking?

Trekking is making a long, challenging and adventurous journey commenced on foot, walking in the countryside or Himalayan area for pleasure where means of transportation is normally not available. Trekking in its real sense means walking at the beautiful region of Himalayan areas of Nepal.

  • When did you start to trek as a guide? What motivated you to be a trekking guide?

From 2004-2007 I worked as a porter guide. In 2007, I obtained license and I started my career in the tourism industry as a trekking guide. I had a big dream in my eyes to visit all around the world. It was possible being a guide. My hobbies to explore new destinations, meet new people and interact with them, examine the culture and traditional performances of the people entire the world motivated me to be a trekking guide. I get both learning and earning from this profession.

  • Did you run any trekking agency? Which? What services do you offer?

Of course, I do. After guiding several for another company, I established my own company named Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours which situates in Thamel Kathmandu and offers a plethora of services as City Tours, Trekking in the Himalayas, Peak Climbing, Religious Tours, Adventurous Activities like paragliding, jungle safari, rafting, bungee jumping, canoeing, ziplining, ultra-light flights, mountain flights etc.

  • Do you want to visit other countries? Which? For how long?

My dreamed destinations are European nations as Germany, Italy, France and Spain. I also want to explore some American nations and Australia. I want to spend a couple of months exploring these destinations.

  • In which areas do you trek mostly as a trekking guide? Any reason?

I have trekked almost all the trekking destinations of Nepal as a trekking leader. However, Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu are the most trekked routes. This is because, most of our guests prefer to trek in these destinations and I need to go with them.

  • What are the friendliest trekking destinations to do in Nepal with family members and young children?

The friendliest trekking destinations to trek in Nepal with family members for young children are Ghorepani Poonhill trek, Langtang Trek and Everest View Trek. Beyond the trek, visitors can do some of the city tours and Jeep safari.

  • Is there any high season for trekking in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is possible throughout the year; however, most of the trekking activities are organized in Autumn (September to November) and Spring (March to May) seasons. Trekking in the high elevations may get affected by heavy snowfall in the winter (December to February) and heavy precipitation can affect your trekking in the Summer (June to August) time period.

  • Did you love photography?

In short yes. I love to capture the panoramic views of the Himalayas, diverse landscapes, astounding greeneries, the whole sceneries while visiting especially new destinations.  when I trek with new trekkers, I take photos for memory.

  • Do you take notes on trips? How?

Generally, I record information in my cell phone and camera while trekking. When I get back from the trip, I write them in my website or in the notebook.  It is very difficult to write something while walking; hence recording all the things in the electronic devices is the easiest way to take the notes.

  • Which social media do you use to connect your clients, friends and relatives?

I normally use emails to interact with my clients. While connecting with my friends, I use Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram twitter and Viber.

  • What language do you speak mostly?

I can speak Nepali, English and Hindi fluently.

  • Beyond trekking, what do you prefer to do?

In the off seasons, I help my mother in my hometown doing some agricultural activities. Next, I am involved in some volunteer organizations. Time and again I visit to different places to help the helpless in the leisure time.

  • What sorts of food are available in Nepal?

There is a saying ‘Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour’. In Nepal a set of Dal Bhat is mostly popular in nepal that contains rice, lentils, seasonal vegetables, pickle and curry etc. Moreover, different forms of eggs, pancakes, noodle items along with the western eateries as pizza, burger, spaghettis etc. are widely available throughout the nation.

  • Are there any national symbols in Nepal?

Yes. Our national animal is cow which is worshipped as a Goddess Laxmi-the goddess of wealth, our national flower is rhododendron which can be seen throughout the trekking in the month of March and April. Likewise, Lophophores (Danphe) is the national bird of Nepal, crimson is a national color and volleyball is the national game of Nepal.

  • What sorts of festivals do you celebrate in Nepal?

It is said that Nepal celebrates a more festival than the number of days in a year; it means we celebrate 366 festivals in a year. The festivals are categorized in religious, cultural, and social ones. However, Dashian, Tihar (Deepawali), Teej, Buddha Purnima, Lhosars, Shivaratri, Chhath, Indra Jatra, Gai Jatra etc. widely celebrated festivals in Nepal.

  • Why should one trek with you? Any specialties?

Several reasons are behind this. We are government registered company and is fully authorized. We offer proficient and license holder guides and reliable porters. We try our best to offer comfortable accommodations and eateries to our valued guests. We keep our guests in the regular touch after the booking and give necessary information instantly. We offer a plenty of the time to explore the Himalayan views, diversity and landscapes around. We are concentrated in eco-tourism too.  Moreover, in case of emergencies while trekking, we contact to your insurance company and process for emergency evacuation.

  • Why should one visit Nepal?

– Nepal is a small but a beautiful country of South Asia. Situating at the lap of Himalayas, it offers geographical, ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity. From a day tours to 120 days’ trekking activities can be organized in Nepal.

– City tours, religious tours, Adventurous activities, Jungle activities, Jeep safari, hunting, cultural tours can be organized in Nepal.

– Nepal is a safe country to visit. There aren’t any terrorist groups and do face have any religious clashes as there is religious harmony and unity in diversity. Cheating, robbery and theft are uncommon here as we follow the rules ‘The guests are like gods’



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Ramesh Bajgain - Nepal Holiday Treks And Tours

Ramesh Bajgain - Nepal Holiday Treks And Tours


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